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STR8 to Gay Discount

Str8 To Gay Discounts send you straight to one of the best gay networks around. We’ve got the 30-day pass down to only $14.95 and the yearly one down even further. You can take that one and pay, all in one go, the equivalent of $8.33 per month; it’s a bit of a steal if you ask me and enough to turn even the straightest straight gay.

I am in the site right now, flicking back between what I see there and the page here and, as of today, there are 394 exclusive scenes to see. The idea behind all these is that they play on your fantasy of turning straight guys gay. It’s happened to me and probably involved some of the horniest sex ever, mainly because I knew the guy was genuinely straight – up to that point at least. (We’d met up seven years after leaving school where we’d been semi-mates; he was then going through a divorce from his wife and asked if he could go to a gay club with me. I remember him playing pool and bending over to press his ass into my groin while he took a shot. I think that’s when the alarm bells started to ring. Anyway, to cut a long story short (too late!) I offered him the couch or my single bed. Single bed it was and when I heard those words, ‘Can I suck your cock?’ coming from my straight schoolmate’s mouth, well, I nearly jizzed up over his ass right then.)

Anyway; sorry about that, but that’s the kind of fantasy that Str8 To Gay give you. Not me and Dominic (not his real name; actually it is) but hunky straight guys played by hunky porn actors like Paul Cannon and Diego Sans. The guys are usually brothers-in-law to the gay guy, or the plumber, the men from next door, the teacher, that kind of thing. The gay guy seduces the straight and every one cums out happy and fucked in the end.

The movies here are exclusive to the network, there are HD versions, mobile ones, trailers and galleries, and you get a new network scene every single day without fail. That’s one of the reasons I am still a member after all this time; it does get a bit addictive, I can tell you.

Your bonkers bargain membership of $14.95 (for 30-days) gets you into all of the Men.com sites including more hunks in Gods Of Men, more twinks and jocks in Big Dicks At School and even the massive Drill My Hole collection. Top quality hardcore from a top network that’s well worth investing in, it’s not expensive with our discount offers and you sure get your own fantasies fuelled up and blasting along. Now I need to go and relive that memory of Dominic and the pool table, if you will excuse me.