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Top to Bottom Discount

Top To Bottom discount alert: take our hugely reduced offer on the 30-day pass to this great site and save $15.00. Or, take the 12-month one and pay the equivalent of $8.33 per month. The 30-day pass is at only $14.95 which is a steal of a deal. Why? Because you have access to all of the Men.com sites with his sign-up and that means over 1,972 exclusive movies from eight sites, plus daily updates. How do I know? Because I already took a long-term membership and I’m in the network right now reporting back live, as it were, on what I see.

I see that Top To Bottom is the smallest site in the network and has only 19 movies with the last one added in December 2015. But don’t go running screaming ‘The site does not update!’ as the network updates all the time and there’s a reason why Top To Bottom is the smallest. It has some very rare content.

You can imagine: the porn stars, like Adam Bryant and Diego Sans, or Christian Wilde and Will Braun are sitting around the Men.com lounge after a spunky video shoot where they have been topping some of the cutest asses in the twink firmament (my favourites Tyler Sweet and Johnny Rapid among them). Someone asks ‘Have you ever taken a dick up tour chocolate whizz-way Will?’ And he says, ‘No way! I’m an ass bandit, I drill holes, no one goes near my special starfish,’ or something like that. And then one of the Men.com bosses pipes up, ‘How about you do it, Will? Lose your cherry to Christian Wilde in your first ever scene as a bottom.’ I guess there’s some further negotiation and then finally (August 28th 2015 to be exact) we get to see just that: power tops pop their cherries with other power tops in exclusive, never before seen scenes.

That’s why the site has only a few movies; these tops don’t want to go through the pain and, for some, indignation of becoming a bottom bitch for all the world to see. Needless to say the movies are made especially hot by this.

Right, that’s the bottom line on Top To Bottom but there’s more info you should know before taking up a membership: there are eight sites included and over 1,972 movies. I’ve said that before but it’s worth repeating. They are all exclusive to the network, as are some of the 300+ models you see. They come with HD Mp4 files and mobile ones, other viewing options and streams, trailers and some have behind the scenes clips as well. You’ve got Big Dicks At School, Gods Of Men (for more hunky porn stars) and even the Gay Office included in your list of eight and together they add up to one of the best value sites around.

So, go to the top of the list, sign up using one of our discounts and witness your top porn starts bottoming tops in some pretty rare first-time-for-a-porn-star footage. And all this while you are saving at least $15.00 on a membership. Top hole, you might say. (If you were British and born in 1925 or something.)